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About SSES

Sri. B.S. Paramashivaiah
The vision of the society always looks beyond any of our accepted perception.  It is one to look forward to serve community at large.

Founder Secretary
One Day State Level Workshop on "Action Research- An Insight" will be organized on 2nd June 2017 at Sri Sarvajna College of Education.
Newsletter 2014-15 - Part1 - Part 2
  News and Events

 Proposed Activities of B.Ed I and III Sem 2016-17

  • Organizing Initiation day and Induction programme
  • Organising Talent’s day
  • Election for Student Activities Centre 2016-18
  • Inauguration of SAC 2016-18
  • Preparation & Execution of School Internship programme 2016-17
  • Workshop on Unit design and lesson design.
  • Workshop on Innovative methods of teaching.
  • Workshop on models of teaching
  • Workshop on construction of Achievement test
  • Workshop on Innovative in evaluation CBT, Open book Exam, Online Assessment, Online submission of Assignment.
  • Two rounds of demonstration lessons.
  • Organizing two days National seminar on Inclusive Education.
  • Celebration of National and International significant days & events
  • Organising guest lecture on need based areas Like: Communication skills, Yoga & personality development
  • Field visits by science, social science and language club.
  • Workshops by NIE
  • Community Awareness programmes
  • Cleaning campaign
  • Digital literary
  • Health and sanitation
  • Preserving and conserving natural resources
  • Human rights
  • Extension Activities
  • Adopting Government school for improvement
  • Workshop on action research for student- teachers.
  • Organising community Living Camp and Educational Excursion.
  • Organising Inter college competition on literary, cultural and sports.
  • Professional development of faculty members through research, extension activities as well in-house paper presentation.
  • Planning and Execution of activities of respective cells of IQAC throughout the academic year
Secretary’s Message

Sri.B.P. Mahadev Prasad
Like a circle which has no end, education too has no end from the day we are born till our last breath. It may be direct or indirect but the process of learning never ends. The purpose of Education is for manifestation of an individual. In other words, education transforms an uncivilized person into a civilized and purposeful citizen.