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EXCURSIONS (Field Trips)
At Sarvajna, students are encouraged to learn from experiences beyond books. We conduct field-trips, picnics and excursions to places away from their home and fill their student life with excitement and memories for the rest of their lives. This aids to bridge the gap between the students and teachers as well.

Ever since the establishment, sports and games have been encouraged in the best possible way. We have a distinct recognition and space starting from cluster level to state level  in both athletics and group games.

To break the monotony of studies and boost the hidden talents in children, the co-curricular activities are evenly distributed throughout the year.

July is the month of Cultural activities (Talzo Twist, Lahari, Skits, Jigs and Jigles, Fancy Dress);

August is auspicious, celebrating independence with unique activities (skits, role-play, paper presentation, dance, drama) throughout the month to uphold the spirit of patriotism and spread awareness about freedom struggle. RECAP – the quiz competition recapitulates the history of India and the Advent of Europeans.

September – Literary activities (word power, creative writing, essay, debate);
November – celebrates the Founder’s Day holding creativity at the best of it’s heights (Leaf Printing, Vegetable Printing, Fingers at work, Clay modelling, Pencil Shading, Rangoli Competition, Mehandi Competition, Best out of waste);

December - Education Manifestation (Exhibition) brings science and technology into the school grounds.
The tiny tots enjoy their own space with Folk tales, Tap your feet, Nutrigain (awareness about eating habits), Flora and Fauna (plants and animals), Kids Expo (showcase everything learnt).


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