Alumni Association of SSCE

Objectives of the Alumni Association

  1. To establish a single database of all the alumni of the institution and members of the association to help people connect with each other.
  2. To encourage the alumni to take an active interest and participate in the work and progress of the institution so as to contribute towards enhancement of the social utility of their Alma matter.
  3. To communicate the activities of the institution and alumni.
  4. To work for the betterment of institution and its members.
  5. To provide a forum for discussion of common interest issue.
  6. To provide a means for career networking and mentoring to the both alumni and to current students who need guidance.
  7. To bring out magazines, souvenirs and newsletters highlighting the activities of the college and its Alumni.
  8. To organize cultural and educational programmes and also to conduct Alumni Day celebrations every year.

Alumni Association of SSCE: 

Chairperson Dr.Madhumathi B.P.
IQAC Coordinator Dr. Umashree D.K.
Convenor of the Cell Dr. Veena M.S.

Office Bearers of the Alumni Association

President Sri R Balarajaiah
Vice President Dr.Ramesh
Secretary Sri Prasanna
Joint Secretary Smt. Veena G
Treasurer Smt. Nethra B.N.
Executive Members Sowmya K.C
Manjunath H.
Puneeth Kumar V.S.
Anil kumarv