Campus Facilities

College Campus

14th Cross, M.C.Layout,
Vijayanagar, Bangalore-40.


Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall is very spacious, well ventilated, equipped with well designed furniture and instructional equipments like LCD and OHP to facilitate paper presentations, seminars and workshop along with classroom instruction.



The college library is computerized with e-library facilities with more than 10,000 volumes, national journals, periodicals and Magazines. It has photocopier machine for the benefit of faculty and students.


Computer Lab

The computer laboratory is equipped with latest multimedia facilities to cater to the needs of each student-teacher and is connected to the world outside, at the click of the mouse.


Psychology Lab

The knowledge of Educational Psychology initiates the teacher to understand the learner’s mental abilities. This concept is taught to the student-teachers with hands on experience with various psychology testing materials.


Technology Lab

Modern methods of teaching involves the use of multimedia packages, audio-visual aids like, the slide projector, over-head projector, LCD’s, tape-recorded, television and computers.


Science Labs

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories are well equipped with all necessary apparatus, equipments, chemicals and specimens to make teaching of secondary school syllabus more meaningful by linking theory and practice.



Science Labs